Sunday, September 30, 2007


Suf and her colleague Brad have been listening to the new Kanye on the way to work. That cleared up my Nickelback-related anxieties a little. And my anxieties about the Ontario Liberals (have you heard the music they play at their rallies?). Thank god at least a handful of them are paying attention to some good tunes.

It will be a while before the music channels here start playing Kanye. Right now, they're obsessed with curvy, Chanel-clad, tone deaf, eye candy like Haifa Wehbe, or the perpetually yearning Nick Carter.

And, of course, lots of religious music.

Well, here's some real religion:


SERTS in D.C. said...

Khan ... How are you? ... Your blog is awesome - it has inspired me. Check mine out! Keep in touch.

SERTS in D.C. said...

Hey there... Your blog has inspired me to start one... ( !! How are you? Great blog. Great stories.

Keep in touch... How are the students? Do you love being a teacher? All full of wisdom and glory!! :)

Sufia said...

"Stronger" has been our theme song in these last tiring days of the campaign. I received your proxy today, Doctooor. I am on my way to the advance polls to cast your vote and mine.

It's ironic that Kanye who is denied victory time and time again inspires us to keep working for this one!

(check out this past week's saturday night live's kanye sketch, it's priceless)

Sufia said...

BY THE WAY -- I saw Siloni on Friday and she said that she burst out laughing at the Nickelback entry because (are you paying attention?) she loves that song too!