Monday, September 24, 2007

Cleopatra is for commoners

Bassel, my TA, was horrified today. He discovered I am smoking Cleopatras - the local brand.
Like most other things here, they're cheap (about $1 a pack), and they do the job.
Foreign brands cost twice as much - a whopping $2.
"But why?" asked a wide-eyed, perplexed Bassel.
"I just wanted to try them."
Now I was perplexed. What's the big deal with Cleopatras?
So I asked one of the guys who helps us around the office.
"He's right, doctoor," said the smiling, gentle, Egyptian man.
"Cleopatras are for the lower class people."


Sufia said...

Well, so much for hiding your habit from the family. Nice one.

He quit Mom, I swear...

Thanks for giving me yet another reason to rail against smoking: it's classist.

Shireen said...

Yasir- you ROCK. Even your butts are ghetto. I love how you are fighting elitism by smoking the proleteriate brand. Brilliant.
Why don't you start eating paan with tambaaku? When we come visit, I fully expect to see a hooka in your fancy apartment.

Bassel, the TA said...

Well, I've seen foreigners tempted to try the local 'flavors', but you're the first I know to finish a pack!

It's a wonder you did because it is just so raw and unfiltered; there are actually rumors it has a not-so-little portion of 'fine' wood scrap.

However, I am sure the wood scrap must have been a delight after the 441. :)

PS: Seeing your apple charger kicked off the plug is just a stab to the heart. I know exactly how that feels. (Hope it still works)

Yasir Khan said...

Bassel, welcome aboard!
Man, I would smoke just about anything after my 441 class.
Although I did detect a certain woodsie flavour.
Thought it was the way they treated the tobacco.
Thanks for pointing it out.
Apple charger is fine. I'll live.

Dwight said...

Yeah, all the punks in Mississauga smoke Cleos. They're totally whack.

s said...

you should be smokin' beedies yaar