Thursday, August 28, 2008


Lately, I found my ringtone to be boring as hell. So I changed it to the show theme from Get Smart. I changed Sufia's to the theme from Hawaii Five-O (I know, we're showing our age).

Then I got this from a friend in London - it's part of a HIV prevention campaign in India, by the BBC World Service Trust. They want to do it by promoting condom use. And they have a ringtone! This is what it sounds like:

You can download the ringtone here. Let me know if you think I should put it on my phone.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Photos & text copyright Yasir Khan 2008

Around the end of our first week in Canada (back in July), Suf & I turned to each other as we sat by the water.

"Do you want to go back early?"

She'd read my mind. We were already missing Cairo like mad.

I stayed away from Khanundrum on purpose. We've been in Canada for the last few weeks, and I thought I should give the blog a break - not that we had much time to write anyway.

Our time here's been filled with silence, clean air, parking tickets, weddings, people, kids (who might be people), concerts and airplanes (let's see... at one point or another, one or both of us were in Saint John, St. Andrews, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Brampton, Missisauga, Erin, Saskatoon, and NYC).

We loved every single one of those places (well, except for Mississauga). But none of them are the crowded, noisy, polluted, ugly, wonderful city that we now call home, and have come to love.

"Yeah!" I said. "Let's go back early."