Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baghdad Needs Banksy

The American plan for stemming sectarian violence in Iraq is to now build walls between Shia and Sunni neighbourhoods. It's worked in one way - Shias and Sunnis are actually protesting against it... together.

The Yanks are call it a "concrete caterpillar". It is already 2km long, and is intended to protect a Sunni neighbourhood from attacks by Shia militia.

Here's the kicker, though: AFP's reporting that the Baghdad city council is hiring artists to paint "calming landscapes and scenes" on the wall, "depicting Iraq's natural beauty."

Shia leader Moqtada Al Sadr, meanwhile, has other ideas: "Draw magnificent tableaux that depict... sedition, car bombings, blood that (the US) has brought upon Iraqis."

Where the hell is Banksy when you need him? He did a heck of a job with the Israeli wall.
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Tarek said...

It's quiet shocking how the United States invaded a country without having the slightest idea about the society's ethnic/sectarian tensions, traditions and ways of thinking. the American plan to invade Iraq ends after the fall of Baghdad, no plan whatsoever concerned with what they are goin' to do afterwards. It does not need an expert to tell you that people's culture differs from one place to another. rather than bringing american scholars of an iraqi background to brain storm and reach the ideal way to tackle the Iraqi crisis, America is still trapped in a labyrinth that they have to maps for. they will never end the war with nihilist and unstudied steps and stratigies, such as Arming shii militias to face the sunni resistance then arming the sunni militias to confront the , as expected, pro Iran shii militia, then building walls to divide people on sectarian basis.Unfortunately for liberals in the area the american acts are not only ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, ILLEGITIMATE, AND INHUMANE but also and above all STUPID.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That horse picture is really cool.

I'm from the USA and I never wanted to invade Iraq. I voted AGAINST George Bush. Not everyone in the USA is bad.