Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monks & Mountains

All photographs in this post copyright Yasir Khan 2007

Suf and I took a university trip out to the eastern desert this weekend. We hung out in Ain Sokhna, by the Red Sea, and checked out a couple of monasteries. Here's the evidence:

Saint Anthony: The monastery is at the foot of what I think is the world's tallest mountain - at least that's what it felt like while I was climbing it.

After visiting the monastery, a group of us dared the over-600-metre climb to Saint Anthony's cave. It's basically a slit in the rock face, that leads to a dark, damp womb. I was the last one out of all of us to make it up there. The reward - Tiffany's German chocolate. Benny, please make her a saint.

Saint Paul: He's the one on the left, raisin' the roof in the picture above. Paul is said to have been an absolute hermit, with a much more austere lifestyle than Anthony - he made his own clothes from palm leaves. If you ask me, he had the better cave. And when he died, he was buried by lions.
Now that's gangsta!


Omar Khan said...

Dude... you climbed a mountain? Have you quit smoking??

Yasir Khan said...

No. That's why I was the last one to get up there.

Amreen said...

these are awesome pics. love the one of you and suf

Prash said...

Hey Yasir,

Had a show with those paintings in Toronto, I still have a few of them kicking around.

you can email me at

ta ta,

Adina said...

you guys know each other?
Hi Prashant! Hi Yasir!