Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bis-mil-lah no! This smoke has got to go!

A great day. Big Islam is finally weighing in on clean air.

Every year, from September to November, Cairo is plagued by something called the Black Cloud - a thick blanket of smoke that hangs over the city, and makes the sky, well a little more hazy than it normally is. The cause - farmers burning plant refuse on their rice farms to prepare the soil for next year's crop. The result - breathing in Cairo is no longer equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. You're now smoking 40.
So the beards and turbans at the so called House of Fatwa (I have dibs on that name for my band) - an outfit linked to Egypt's Chief Mufti - have issued a, well, fatwa: "The Koran forbids such acts that are considered a social nuisance."

Thank you, House of Fatwa. You've hit upon the one and only reason why Cairo's air is unbreathable - farmers burning hay for 2 months. The rest of the year, we're fine.

An aside: Ever get the sneaky suspicion that there are just too many fatwas flying around? You're not alone. Read more.


jack said...

Still smoking those Cleopatra's?

jack said...

And oh yea:
I love the House of Fatwa name.

I am thinking of a Haute Couture tie in.
Burkini's, that kind of thing.

Hmm, what would the House of Fatwa band t-shirt look like....
Maybe something like:

Yasir Khan said...

That t-shirt is da bomb. And no, I'm no longer smoking Cleos. I have standards to maintain now :)

Marie said...

One of our villains has a fortress called the House of Fatwa.

Yasir Khan said...

GET OUT! That's so awesome. For those who don't know, Marie's talking about the comic series from Teshkeel Comics called The 99. Check it out at http://www.the99.org/

Marie said...

P.S. I was joking. Don't quote me on that in your article.

Adina said...

"Industry is to blame, in part, the worst offenders being factories that burn mazot for power"
(from the health article)

Burning Mazot? The Jews made the unleavened mazot because they had to leave Egypt in a hurry. And while it hastened their departure, it did - and continues to - wreak havoc on our digestive systems.

I can't imagine what it is doing to the environment as an energy source.