Monday, May 19, 2008


Photo copyright Sufia Lodhi 2008
I am interrupting this Kenya love-in to inform you all that today is my birthday.
I have turned 17 for the second time.
My sweet mama wrote in with a prayer. She wants god to make me a wise man.I am resisting the urge to write back ...
... maybe god has already answered her prayers.
That's it. Back to Kenya.


Marie said...

Your birthday is already over there, due to that time zone thing.

But I got a present from you on your birthday! Congratulations to me!

And Hippo Birdies to you too. The hippo is going to its job. And well.

s said...

happy birthdaaaaaaay! (if i leave a comment on a past blog entry, is it kinda like i wasn't late with the bday wishes?)

s said...

happpppppy b-day!!! (if i leave this comment on the appropriately dated past blog entry, is it like i wasn't late with the b-day wishes???)

s said...

why isn't this working????


you're also big brother. i get it.